New Friendship System - All you need to know!

All you need to know about the New Friendship System

First, check out the video below: 

What happened to my previous friend's items?
Some items and buildings have become obsolete with the new system, and have been exchanged for either Film or other resources. Buildings that now do not have an active function have been turned into decorations and provide one-time rewards. Friends who were already leveled up will get a headstart in the new system. 

Photo Albums in the Game
Players can now get Photo Albums containing Snapshots of their Friends. These Snapshots represent one Friend and the player needs a certain number of Snapshots to unlock and level up that Friend.

Rarity of Friends
Every Friend has a rarity assigned to them, which relates to their drop chance, level-up rewards, and boosts. There are four types of rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The color of the Snapshots will correspond to their rarity. Common is white, Rare is blue, Epic is purple, and Legendary is orange.

Max Level and Film 
If the player receives a Snapshot for a Friend who is already at max level, it will automatically turn to Film. Film is also rewarded in events, and other parts of the game and can be used to purchase more Albums.

Types of Albums
There are different types of Albums available in the game. Albums can have different rarities, as well as sizes.

Where can I get Albums?
To get Albums, you can buy them with Film or obtain them through various methods such as Merchants, Stages, and Events. You can claim a daily free Album, and purchase a premium Album with Diamonds.
Those with the Golden Pass unlocked can also acquire additional Albums.

Where can I get Film?
To obtain Film, you can collect it as a reward in different parts of the game or convert duplicate snapshots of maxed-out Friends into Film.

Friendship Overview
The Friendship Overview shows the Name, Friendship Status (i.e., Strangers, Friendly, Best Friend Forever), Friendship Level, Boost(s), Next Level Reward, and Requirements to level up.

Leveling up Friends
Leveling up Friends will unlock additional animals, plots, greenhouses, and buildings. When you clear a stage or collect treasure, there's a chance specific loot will drop, and the drop chance of loot improves by leveling up Friends. There is a max drop chance for each Friend, and the type of loot depends on the Friend.

Townhall & Boosts
Each Friend has one or more Boosts that improve with each Level Up. Common Friends have one Boost, but rarer Friends can have multiple Boosts. Multiple Friends can have the same type of Boost, such as Jenny Mills and Julius, who both have a double production Boost for the Feed Mill. These Boosts are upgraded on certain levels as part of the reward schedule of the Friend.

How do I assign a Friend?
You can assign Friends to different buildings to boost their production inside the Town Hall or the production building respectively.

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