Account and Support

Account and Support


How to play on Browser

We're delighted to announce that it's now possible to play Sunrise Village on the browser with the account you use on the app!

In other words, you can now visit your village, manage your farm, place orders and continue your missions from your computer as well as your phone!

Please note that for the moment, these features are not available on the browser:
  • Video ads
  • Friend recommendations
How it works !

You need to access your game settings. This is the little gear icon in the following image.
In your game settings, go to the "Data" tab at the top of the page.
You'll find a button called "Setup account":

This account will be used to find your game on the browser, and will synchronize with your phone game.

You'll receive a message from the game asking you to validate the creation of your account. Once this has been done, you'll be ready to discover your village on a grander scale! 

(Avoid playing on two platforms at the same time).

You can now log into your account, which will be the same on both platforms (browser and mobile).

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:sunny~1: EU server:
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