What setting are used on a world?

If you want to know which settings a world is using or want to learn about the settings that I new world will use, you can always go to our Forum where the Worlds are announced. Sometimes, you even can vote on settings there! 

Link to the Forums:
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An example for this would be settings like EN119:

General Settings:
- Building speed: 1.8 (180%)
- Unit Speed: 0.5556 (100%)

- Archers: Deactivated
- Paladin / Statue: Deactivated
- Strongholds: Deactivated
- Bonus Villages: Activated
- Barbarian Villages: Grow to 2000 points
- Church and Belief: Deactivated
- Watchtower: Activated
- Militia: Activated
- Morale: Activated, points and time based
- Achievements: Activated
- Noble production: Coins
- Technologies: 3-Level
- Beginners protection: 5 days
- Beginners protection ratio: 1:20 for 30 days

- Night mode: Deactivated
- Choose starting direction: Activated
- Attack timing: Milliseconds (100)
- Fake limit: Deactivated
- Limit Nobleman walking distance: 150 fields
- Scavenging: Activated

Extra :
- Victory conditions: Runes (a tribe needs to hold 70% of rune villages in each continent of the world for 20 days)
- Tribe limit: 20
- Flags: Activated
- Limited haul: Deactivated
- Support outside Tribe: Without restrictions
- No Harm: Activated, attacks against tribe members don't deal any damage.

Premium Features:
- Premium Account: Activated
- Account Manager: Activated
- Farm-Assistant: Activated
- Building time reduction: Activated
- Finish immediately: Activated
- Building cost reduction: Activated
- +20% Production: Activated
- Trading with the merchant: Activated
- Premium Exchange: Activated
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