Events and Features

Events and Features


Event: Barricade Battle

At the start of the event, you will be presented with the city map, showing the barricades the Baron and his lackeys created. For this event, you will be able to command a special set of troops, which are shown above the map.

When selecting a barricade you will see the defenders and can choose which troops to send into battle.
The outcome of a battle will depend on the strengths and weaknesses of the troops to send. If you want to know more about them click on the unit portrait or hover over them to get a quick overview. If you loose a battle your troops will be wounded and will be unavailable until the Medic arrives to heal them. As they do not have a Medic available, enemy troops that you defeat will be removed. Allowing to clear barricades with several attack waves.

Once you have conquered a barricade you will receive some ducats, which you can exchange in the event shop items. At some specific barricades, you will also be able to get a special item, if victorious. The rewards you will receive are displayed at the bottom of the battle screen. After you defeated the troops once the barricades can be repeated for additional ducats, but will become harder with every repetition.

To continue you will require more units. You will be rewarded with more troops for playing the game. Every day you have ten chances to find additional random units by doing certain in-game actions like attacking, defending, recruiting, or constructing buildings. Every time you get units this way, you will receive a report telling you which units you got.

You can also gain additional ducats from the rankings each day, or a big bonus at the end of the event. But note that the ducats for your overall ranking will be rewarded at the end of the event and you will need to spend them before the event shop closes 24 hours after the event. The event history will give you an overview of how many ducats you earned each day.