Buildings: Academy

This building allows you to mint gold coins and produce Noblemen. With Noblemen you can conquer new villages.


The Academy lets you build Noblemen, which you need to take over other villages. It is also where you have to mint coins in order to train your Noblemen. The cost of each Nobleman will increase as you train them.


The Academy becomes available when your Headquarters have reached level 20.

Academy Overview

Level Hitpoints Points
1 60.000 75.000 60.00080 10:00:00 500512

Building levels

The maximum level of the Academy is 1.

Level 1

Minting Coins

Minting coins at the Academy allows you to train more Noblemen. The costs of each new Nobleman will increase by one coin meaning that Nobleman 1 will cost 1 coin, Nobleman 2 will cost 2 coins,Nobleman 3, 3 coins, etc. It is important to know that the coins that already have been minted do not count towards the costs of the next Nobleman meaning that Nobleman 1 will require a total of 1 coins, Nobleman 2 a total of 1+2=3 coins and Nobleman 3 a total of 3+3=6 coins and so on. If a Nobleman dies during an attack, you won't need to mint new coins to be able to train him again.

If you finished the second village feature, and got the village, this village will count as your first nobleman. You will get two coins from finishing this village. The next nobleman will then cost three new coins to be recruited, which means you'll need a total of six coins to recruit the next nobleman.

Coin cost

Note that joining the Order of the Thieves' Guild at the Hall of Orders decreases the required resource costs of minting coins by 1% per building level of the Hall of Orders.

Mass minting

The right tab in the Academy directs you to the mass minting page. Here you can enter the number of coins you want to mint in all of your villages.

You can also increase or decrease this number for a given village. The colors of the resources box shows you your warehouse status. Red box tell you that your warehouse is full, whereas the green box means your warehouses are not full.

You are able to use filters in the Mass Minting screen, if you want to mint coins from specific village groups.

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