Brigand Island

Brigand Island


What is Brigand Island?

Brigand Island is located in the ocean east of Dewport. This island is the home of Raiding Brigands that frequently plunder your Shires. Here, you can choose to attack them.

99 challenges are waiting for you! Every challenge offers 3 individual battles. The difficulty increases from challenge to challenge and from battle to battle. In the 3rd battle of each challenge, you will face Jerrika herself. She is the leader of all Brigands. With her special ability, Jerrika's Dual Shot she can fire at two adjacent targets with a single attack.

Depending on how well you did in each challenge, you are rewarded with a Bronze, Silver or Gold Badge with their respective rewards. If you get stuck in a specific challenge, you can always try again the next day.

Once you have initiated an attack, you have 1,5 hours to complete selected challenge. After that there is a 21 hours cooldown before you can attack Brigand Island again. Each attack on Brigand Island costs 500 Gold, but you get a lot more rewards if you complete a challenge!


  • For the first two battles of any challenge you can get the usual battle rewards: Gold, Consumables or Upgrades.
  • For the final battle of each challenge you can get Gold, Consumables, Upgrades, Diamonds, and a Shard for the League's Crossbows. During all three battles, you can unlock up to three achievements. Each achievement unlocks an additional Regiment Shard of your choice. You can choose any regiment that took part in the final battle.


You can unlock the following achievements for each challenge which also determine the Badges you unlock:

  • Bronze: Defeat Jerrika and her Brigands.
  • Silver: Defeat Jerrika with a Crushing Victory OR no regiments lost.
  • Gold: Win against Jerrika with a Crushing Victory AND no regiments lost.

If you only achieve a Bronze or Silver Badge in a challenge, you will be able to repeat it until your achieve the Gold Badge for that challenge. However, cooldown and buy-in rules still apply.

Battles on Brigand Island also feature unique Terrain: Barrels and Mortars. Barrels block movements, but can be destroyed dealing damage to all adjacent tiles, while Mortars fire every other turn with additional collateral damage due to flying shrapnel.

Reaching the level 50 of the Brigand Island is also necessary for Invaders to start popping up on your map. Invaders own Anthracite and Anthracite Cores which are necessary to upgrade items in the forge above level 60.
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