Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges


How to start a Daily Challenge?

Every day at 8 AM server time you will get a Daily Challenge by the mysterious questgiver Nameless. Be aware that those challenges can be tough ones, but the prize you may receive will be worth it!

In order to accept your Daily Challenge you need to open the Daily Challenge window in the Quest Overview.

You will have two chests with different prizes available. Choose the chest which is more appealing to you. The contents of the chests will change by each day. Be aware, that you will get only one of the displayed prizes of the selected chest and not all.


Once you choose one of the chests you will be given the Daily Challenge you need to complete in order to get your prize.

The given Challenges may have up to five success conditions and can be more demanding than normals quests, since you can get better rewards for completing them.

Scouting a province or researching a technology will not be part of a challenge.

If the challenge was successfully completed during the 24 hours, one progress point will be granted in the progress bar below.

Daily challenge no penalty.png

If the number of 7 progress points is reached, the Nameless will recognize the efforts and will grant an additional chest containing one of the most desirable rewards!

Daily challenges promo3.png

In order to trigger Daily Challenges the Iron Age technology Ia militia.png Militia needs to be unlocked in the research.
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