How do I change my username in the game?

It is possible to change your username every 180 days in Forge of Empires. The username change will apply to all worlds of the account and will be visible for all players right away. The new username will also be required for accessing your account as well. Once you have changed your username, your previous name will be freed up after 60 days for any other player to take it.

When choosing your new username, please consider the following:
  • Minimum length: 4 characters
  • Maximal length: 24 characters
  • Prohibited characters: ! * " § ² ³ $ % & / { ( ) [ } ] \ ´ + ~ ' # _ : , ; < > | ^ °

How to change the name in game?

1. Please open your game settings.
2. A new window will open. Please select the 'Profile' tab.
3. Select the option 'Change username'. A new window will open, where you can input the needed data for the change.
4. Please choose a new username and confirm it as well. In order to be able to change the username, you also need to confirm this change by putting in your game account password. 
5. Once you have confirmed the change, your username will be changed and you will be logged out. Afterwards you need to log in with your new username.
6. If you open the name change window again, you will see a countdown of 180 days. Before the countdown reached 0 you will not be able to change your username again.

I do not have the name change option in my game settings!

If you do not have the option to change your name in your game settings, then it's likely that you are accessing our game via a partner account like Google Play, Apple Game Center or Facebook. In this case you have never chosen a password for your game and therefore are not able to confirm the change. In this case, please get in touch with our Support Team, so we can help you change your username.

In this case, please already choose 3 names to give to the Support Team. They will select one of the presented names and will directly change it in your account, if the name is still free and doesn't violate any game rules.
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