Guild Expedition

Guild Expedition


How expensive is it to unlock difficulties?

The costs of unlocking Difficulties depend on the age and number of your guild members when the expedition beings. Each player in your guild will generate a cost based on their age. Your guild will need to pay the cumulative cost for all guild members in order to unlock the difficulty.

Note that the listed numbers represent the amounts of each goods type from that era. Therefore where it says 2 Iron Age Goods, this means 2 of each Iron Age Goods (making a total of 10 since there are 5 goods types in every era).

Player EraDifficulty II CostsDifficulty III CostsDifficulty IV Costs
Iron Age
2 IA Goods 4 IA Goods 8 IA Goods
Early Middle Age2 IA Goods 4 EMA Goods 8 EMA Goods
High Middle Ages3 EMA Goods 6 HMA Goods 12 HMA Goods
Late Middle Ages4 HMA Goods 8 LMA Goods 16 LMA Goods
Colonial Age4 LMA Goods 8 CA Goods 16 CA Goods
Industrial Age5 CA Goods 10 IndA Goods 20 IndA Goods
Progressive Era5 IndA Goods 10 PE Goods 20 PE Goods
Modern Era5 PE Goods 10 ME Goods 20 ME Goods
Postmodern Era5 ME Goods 10 PME Goods 20 PME Goods
Contemporary Era5 PME Goods 10 CE Goods 20 CE Goods
Tomorrow Era6 CE Goods 12 TE Goods 24 TE Goods
The Future6 TE Goods 12 TF Goods 24 TF Goods
Arctic Future6 TF Goods 12 AF Goods 24 AF Goods
Oceanic Future6 AF Goods 12 OF Goods 24 OF Goods
Virtual Future7 OF Goods 14 VF Goods 28 VF Goods
Space Age Mars9 VF Goods 18 SAM Goods 36 SAM Goods
Space Age Asteroid Belt10 SAM Goods 20 SAAB Goods 40 SAAB Goods
Space Age Venus11 SAAB Goods22 SAV Goods44 SAV Goods
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