Multiplayer & Interactions with other players

Multiplayer & Interactions with other players


What is the social bar and how does it work?

The social bar is where you find all your social connections in the game. You interact with other players by clicking on different icons and buttons on their portrait.

Neigbor1.pngThe players rank in the neighborhood
Neigbor2.pngClick here if you want to send a personal message to the player
Neigbor3.pngWhen this Icon is visible, then the player has one or more Great Buildings that you can contribute to .
Neigbor4.pngClick here if you want to attack the player. This is only available on the neighborhood bar because you can't attack guild mates or friends.
Neigbor5.pngClick here to aid the player.
Neigbor.PNGClick here to enter the players city. If you click on your own portrait you enter your Town_hall, where you can change your portrait among other things. If you visit the other player's city you will be able to polish, motivate or plunder (if you fight against him and win) any of his buildings. If you click on motivate or polish, you can choose any building with a star on the top to motivate or polish.
150pxClick here to add a neighbor to your personal friend list. You can then both aid this player and visit the tavern.If you no longer wish to be friends with someone, this will be the same menu where you "remove as friend"

The neighborhood bar
The first tab with 3 small houses is the neighborhood bar. A neighborhood can contain up to 80 members. The neighborhoods will be refreshed every 2 weeks with some players moving to other neighborhoods and new ones being added. For the most part your neighbors will be in the same age as you in the technology tree.

The Guild bar
The second tab with a shield displays your guild members. If you currently is not in a guild, guilds will be displayed there.

The Friends bar
The third tab with the 2 figures displays your friends list. You can invite up to 80 friends, but you can have a total of 140 friends by acccepting the friendship invitations of other players from your world.