Cultural Settlements

Cultural Settlements


Mughal Empire: Where's the minigame?

Where's the minigame?

This time, you will find no additional interactive building on the outskirts of your raising Mughal city, meaning that there's no additional feature available upon completing 6 Cultural Settlement quests (e.g. Feudal Japan's Merchant, Aztecs' Courtyard, etc), although you can still get an additional reward by reaching this milestone.

"Does that mean we will not have any assistance to finish this cultural settlement faster?!", you might be asking! This time around, the whole Mughal Empire Settlement is the puzzle and also the minigame you have to solve, but allow me to properly explain that! We have two types of diplomacy buildings, two small and three large ones, and these have chain and set mechanics to increase the beauty and production of your outpost.

Chain ability and Set ability buildings (diplomacy buildings)

The small diplomacy buildings have a chain ability, which means that you can attach them to your Embassy sides, or better saying, the entrances! When you connect these buildings, you increase the overall amount of diplomacy in your settlement. You can either attach Water Canals to the sides, or Alleys to the front Embassy stairs (Alleys will provide no bonuses if connected to the back part of your Embassy).

Please be aware that you can place these diplomacy buildings anywhere in your city, but they will only provide you with additional bonuses if you properly connect them to your Embassy!
Meanwhile, the large diplomacy buildings have a set ability, meaning that you can collect additional cultural goods once a day by placing unique large buildings in the adjacencies of your Embassy (anywhere close to the Embassy, not necessarily to the sides or in front of the main building).

There are three different large diplomacy buildings, and in order to fully maximize the potential of your settlement, you will need to build all of them. You can get up to three set bonuses, however, these are only granted by placing different set buildings! In other words, if you place three of the same large diplomacy building, you will only get one bonus, not three! So make sure to avoid repetition here

Now that you are aware of this settlement's base mechanics, you might be wondering what's the challenge it brings. Well, connecting all those buildings together is not an easy task, as you need to decide which expansions are worth unlocking and which impediments should be removed, as you also need to make room for residential and goods' buildings.
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