Beta Announcements

Beta Announcements


Take a glimpse into the future with the first teaser for Quantum Incursions!

Guildmates, we're excited to unveil the first glimpse into the Guild Raids, as well as confirm it's official name you might've gathered from the rumours: Quantum Incursions! We hope you enjoy the storytime and cannot wait to hear your theories about what QI is going to look like.

Every adventure starts with a calling. Soon enough, you will wake up to find a familiar yet mysterious building just outside your City. Beckoned by the Oracle, enter at your peril, as the next step will take you to a mysterious parallel realm where things are familiar but not quite the same.

Traveling through space can be tiring, but not to worry. This new world seems to have a place to stay temporarily — a Settlement. Basic resources and goods produced here seem the same, except for the strange green glow. Now that you look closer, even the soldiers training in the Settlements' barracks are not entirely like the ones you left at home. 

The people of the Settlement are eager to help you procure the resources and assemble an army, for they know that a dangerous road lies ahead of every traveler. The realm hides unique treasures vital to your City's development back home. Finding them would be an endeavor so dangerous that one shouldn't go alone. Luckily, word is that your Guildmates are also here.

Together, you will set out on a quest to make your way through a series of encounters, each one testing either your military strength, resourcefulness, or cunning. Not only that, but the portal to the realm will only remain open for a certain number of days before you are sent back to your City until it opens up again.

But however dangerous the road may be, your efforts will not go in vain. Turns out, the green glow surrounding the resources you had to use on your adventures has also transformed familiar buildings, granting them both strength and beauty. With your newfound knowledge, you can construct them in your City to continue growing and marking your achievements as a traveler of realms.

But your Guild will not be alone on the quest. The bravest travelers that showed the most dedication fighting for new knowledge will get rewarded with both recognition and unique gifts, and their names will be etched into the records of the Quantum Incursions Championship.

Would you like to go on an adventure? More news about Guild Raids will follow soon!

Your Forge of Empires Team
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