Beta Announcements

Beta Announcements


Final heads up about the GvG shutdown!

Dear Kings and Queens,

Time for the final heads-up! Today marks ONE WEEK before the official shutdown of GvG, which will happen on

Monday, January 29th, 2024

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a specific timeframe. Please expect the changes to be rolled out over the course of the day.

And what changes exactly with the shutdown of GvG lead to? 

  • Disabling access points. We will deactivate the Guild Continent button in the HUD. Also, the GvG continent will be removed from the Campaign Map.
  • Guild Window. The Support Pool Bonus and the Trusted Members rank will be removed and all mentions will be reworded.
  • Guild Level-Up rewards. The Prestige and Support Pool Rewards will be removed.
  • Guild Power. It will naturally decrease due to the removal of one of its sources. However, once we introduce the Quantum Incursions, you will gain it back.
  • Guild Level Perk Unlock Levels. All Guild levels after level 65 will not grant better bonuses anymore, however, their effects will be re-incorporated into the previous levels: the cap of recruitment time reduction will be increased from 38% to 40%, and the cap of Forge Points will be increased from 12 to 20. Level 100 will stay the max level.
  • Used Goods and Medals. Goods and Medals used to conquer sectors will not be reimbursed. We recommend granting independence to your sectors after the last Daily Recalculation on January 28th at 8 PM Server Time, as the Rankings won't change anymore afterwards. Medals will have no use in the Guild Treasury for now.
  • Great Buildings. We will be removing the Support Pool component from the Fierce Resistance Great Building effect and adding this effect to the Observatory's arsenal. 
  • New building for everyone! To honor GvG, we will gift all players the Last Province as a commemorative gift. Find our more from our second announcement.

For reference, let us also give you a full rundown of important information we've been sharing in the past months:

  • Why are we shutting down GvG? Read our first announcement for the reasons.
  • What comes next? Quantum Incursions! If you haven't yet, please check out Take a glimpse into the future with the first teaser for Quantum Incursions! we posted not long ago in the text and video format. While QI comes after GvG, it is a completely new feature. With its addition, we introduce new mechanics and rewards to the game, and hope to create a new, engaging experience for Guilds. 

Lastly, we kindly ask you to be prepared for possible changes to our current planning. As we work to honor our commitment to keep you posted far in advance of all changes, we're not protected from unforeseen circumstances and potential issues in development. Both the GvG shutdown and the new Quantum Incursions are complex changes that are still in beta testing and will undergo changes before they make it to live. 

We want to thank everybody who loved and played GvG for the legendary run! As we bid farewell to GvG, we are also excited to finally reveal the Quantum Incursions and hear your thoughts about it!

Your Forge of Empires Team

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