Beta Announcements

Beta Announcements


Anniversary Event 2024

Happy Birthday to Us! Forge of Empires is hitting a milestone—12 incredible years! Join the celebration with our much-anticipated Anniversary Event, back by popular demand for another round of festivities.

The event starts on the Beta server on February 22nd and runs until March 14th!

The Plot

If you participated in last year's Anniversary Event, you have already started helping out our team of scientists with their research of mysterious Gems of unknown origin. This year, the quest continues!

The researches have since proposed a theory that Gems, Keys, and Chests were created by an ancient precursor to our civilization. Still, this theory lacks proof, so much research is yet to be done, which is where you come in!

Aiding our scientific team in their efforts, you are likely to discover new tools that will help you work the Gems more efficiently, be it influencing their affinity with new, state-of-the-art technology of Prismatic Essence or breaking them down into smaller pieces (for research, of course!) with the high-tech Gem Pickaxe (don't let its simple name fool you!). Keep playing the Event if you want to know the hidden history of those tools. 

Teamwork, research, and great discoveries will help you succeed in the Event. But before you dive in, learn what's new in this year's Anniversary Event from this article!

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What's New?

Three new boosters are adding to the excitement this year! Here's what to expect:
Gem Mines Booster. Activate this booster and watch as it spawns new gem pieces onto your board, enhancing your strategic play. If there's room on the board, a new piece magically appears, complete with an animation to mark its arrival. You will see a hint at the bottom of the board indicating that a new piece has been spawned. But beware, if the board is full, you'll be alerted that there's no room for more.

Gem Pickaxe Booster. This tool is your best friend for managing your pieces. Use it on a gem, and it breaks down into two pieces of the level just below it, doubling your strategic options. If a piece holds a key, the two new pieces inherit this key, ensuring your hard-earned progress is never lost. Note: This booster only works on free pieces, adding a layer of strategy to your game.

Prismatic Essence Booster. A true game-changer, this booster transforms all pieces of a single color on the board to colorless, opening up new combo possibilities. Colorless pieces can merge with any color, adopting that color and retaining any key parts. However, these versatile pieces cannot be added to the converter, and their special status comes with unique rules for merging and splitting.

Find out more about the mechanics here, or skip straight to the what can I win section to find out all about the new prizes available!

The mechanics

Looking for some guidance on how to play the Anniversary Event? Look no further than our dedicated mechanics page here: Mechanics

Rather have the TL;DR? Read on!

Spawn and merge the gems
  • Collect Energy to spawn new gems with the Spawner (plus) 
  • Use these newly spawned gems to free up the locked gems on your board!
  • Match up the key parts to collect up to 3 gems per key
  • Use your keys to unlock chests!
  • Use the new boosters to amp up your tactics
Finally, should you wish to get an in-depth guidance for the Event, please visit our Tips and Tricks article here: Tips and Tricks

Rival Challenges

Baron Alaric Ironsoul will make his return twice during the event, providing you with the boosters, as well as other valuable rewards. But be aware, his challenges aren't easy to complete! make sure to be prepared!


The Event League is the perfect way to match your progress against the other players on your world. The more you progress through the event, the higher you rank, and the better the bonus prizes you could win at the end of the event – but beware, the more other players progress through the leagues, the higher the bar will become.


The Rewards

Our Grand Prize this year is the gorgeous new Metro Station, which has a silver and a golden upgrade to make it even more powerful. At level 10 it offers an attack boost for attacking and defending armies for GBG and GEX, as well as goods, Forge Points and fragments for those all-important upgrade kits!

For a full list of available prizes in the event, check out our prizes page here: Rewards

Should you have any comments, questions or concerns, please let us know! We're very much looking forward to your feedback on our official Discord server!
 Let the journey of discovery begin!
 Your Forge of Empires Team
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