Beta Announcements

Beta Announcements


Antiques Dealer rebalancing

With the most recent update, we have added a selection of newer and widely used items to the Antiques Dealer, as well as applied balancing changes. On this page, you can find the summary of the changes and the list of the newly added items.

The Item Shop


  • All items in the Item Shop now only cost Gemstones
  • The Item Shop now only contains non-building rewards like Forge Points, Goods, Units, and other goodies
Item additions

You can now find the following items in the Item Shop:

  • Forge Points
  • Current Era Goods
  • Previous Era Goods
  • Next Era Goods
  • Medals
  • Units: Light and Heavy Melee, Short and Long Ranged, Fast units, Rogues, and Champions
  • Random Blueprints
  • 100%, 200%, and 300% Attack and Defense Boosts for Attacking Army 
  • Mass Supply Rushes
  • Items allowing to Finish Special, Goods, and All Supply Productions
  • Kits: Self Aid, Mass Self Aid, Store Building, One Up, Renovation
The Auctions


  • Auctions now only contain almost all buildings since the Summer Event 2023
  • We plan to expand the selection of the buildings continuously with new content releases, though please mind that this might change due to a variety of factors (results of the testing phase, internal development schedule, etc.) 
Item additions

And the following brand-new lots were added to our Auctions!

  • Epic Spring Selection Kit
  • Epic Historical Questlines Selection Kit
  • Trading Post Selection Kit
  • Buccaneers Hideouts Selection Kit
  • Buccaneers Bay Upgrade Kit
  • Summer 2023 Epic Selection Kit
  • Governor's Villa Selection Kit
  • Viceroy's Villa Upgrade Kit
  • 1x Cartographer House
  • Summerhold Manor Selection Kit
  • Feast and Fables Selection Kit
  • Sunhaven Palace Golden Upgrade Kit
  • Epic Fellowship 2023 Selection Kit
  • Heroes Tavern Selection Kit
  • Legendary Lodge Golden Upgrade Kit
  • Aegean Resort Selection Kit
  • Mediterranean Memories Selection Kit
  • Aegean Resort Golden Upgrade Kit
  • Epic Soccer 2023 Selection Kit
  • Athlon Abbey Selection Kit
  • Windmill Farm Selection Kit
  • Wisteria Windmill Golden Upgrade Kit
  • Azure Athlon Abbey Golden Upgrade Kit
  • Autumn Vineyard Selection Kit
  • Orchard Bliss Selection Kit
  • Jumpin' Shroom Selection Kit
  • Rustic Autumn Vineyard Silver Upgrade Kit
  • Vibrant Autumn Vineyard Golden Upgrade Kit
  • Epic Fall 2023 Selection Kit
  • Sunflower Oil Press Selection Kit
  • Vibrant Sunflower Oil Press Golden Upgrade Kit
  • Laboratory of Monstrosities Selection Kit
  • Ectoplasmic Nightmares Selection Kit
  • Sinister Laboratory of Monstrosities Silver Upgrade Kit
  • Thundering Laboratory of Monstrosities Golden Upgrade Kit
  • 1x Sparkborn Stormspire - Lv. 1
  • Sparkborn Stormspire Upgrade Kit
  • Sparksurge Stormspire Silver Upgrade Kit
  • Thundering Laboratory of Monstrosities Golden Upgrade Kit
  • Epic Halloween 2023 Selection Kit
  • Tarot Card Caravans Selection Kit
  • Arcane Tarot Card Caravans Golden Upgrade Kit
  • Winter Wonderland Pyramid Selection Kit
  • Winter Wonder Retreat Selection Kit
  • Grand Winter Wonderland Pyramid Silver Upgrade Kit
  • Majestic Winter Wonderland Pyramid Golden Upgrade Kit
  • 1x Elfie's Nog Shop - Lv. 1
  • Elfie's Nog Shop Upgrade Kit
  • Elfie's Cream & Nog Shop Silver Upgrade Kit
  • Elfie's Cream & Nog Emporium Golden Upgrade Kit
  • Epic Winter 2023 Selection Kit
  • Chocolatery Selection Kit
  • Chocolatery Golden Selection Kit
  • Nutcracker Guardhouse Selection Kit
  • Flamingo Habitat Selection Kit
  • Habitats Journey Selection Kit
  • Elfie's Cream & Nog Shop Silver Upgrade Kit
  • Elfie's Cream & Nog Emporium Golden Upgrade Kit
  • Panda Reserve Selection Kit
  • Panda Pathway Selection Kit
  • Panda Shrine Upgrade Kit
  • Epic Wildlife 2024 Selection Kit
  • Animal Crossing Selection Kit
  • Serene Animal Crossing Golden Upgrade Kit
  • Celtic Tavern Selection Kit
  • Pagan Harvest Selection Kit
  • Enchanted Celtic Tavern Silver Upgrade Kit
  • Mystic Celtic Tavern Golden Upgrade Kit
  • Celtic Glassworks Selection Kit
  • Epic St. Patrick's 2024 Selection Kit
  • Druid Hut Selection Kit
  • Archdruid Trees Selection Kit
  • Archdruid Hut Upgrade Kit
  • Sacred Archdruid Hut Platinum Upgrade Kit
  • Tree of Silence Upgrade Kit
  • Tree of Patience Upgrade Kit
  • Tree of Vitality Upgrade Kit
  • Metro Station Selection Kit
  • Aerial Eden Selection Kit
  • Metro Plaza Silver Upgrade Kit
  • Urban Metro Plaza Golden Upgrade Kit
  • Epic Anniversary 2024 Selection Kit
  • Tower of Conjunction Selection Kit
  • Key Master's Workshop Selection Kit
  • Golden Orrery Selection Kit
  • Stage of Ages Selection Kit
  • Celestial Golden Orrery Golden Upgrade Kit
We hope these additions will prove useful and invite you to share your feedback with us on our Discord server!
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