Beta Announcements

Beta Announcements


History Event 2024: Overview

Dive into a world where history's most famous figures clash in a timeless battle of strategy, cunning, and power. In our new History Event, you'll wield the might of legendary personalities brought to life in captivating cards. Use your wits and strategy to defeat the enemy and lay claim to an all new batch of prizes!

On the BETA server, the event starts on the 3rd of April and runs until the 24th of April!

The Plot

The Questgiver

Ever wondered who would win in a fight between Vincent Van Gough and Napoleon Bonaparte? Wonder no more! Now you can find out in our new event — a strategic card battle experience between iconic figures from history! Albert Einstein will be your guide as you collect and deploy cards representing historical heroes, each belonging to one of three factions that interact in a dynamic "Rock-Paper-Scissors" manner, or a final fourth 'neutral' faction. With each card play, you'll make pivotal decisions that could turn the tide of war. Engage in duels to outsmart your enemies and claim victory!

The mechanics

For a detailed breakdown on how to play the History event, check out our dedicated mechanics page HERE. Otherwise read on for the short version!

The objective is simple: defeat all the enemy Cards in a deck before your opponent depletes your Health! The execution, though, requires strategy and finesse. Every battle is a series of 7 enemy encounters, followed by a Boss. You will be handsomely rewarded for defeating your enemies, and rewards will depend on the difficulty of the deck that you select before entering the battle. Defeating the Boss of the battle ends it and brings you the best rewards of the pool. However, the battle will also end if you lose all your Health or run out of Cards in your deck.

You will gain Grand Prize progress points for defeating enemies, as well as various rewards and a chance to win a Daily Special.

Once you've completed the tutorial and entered your own battle, you will be faced with this battle window:

And the following elements will be introduced to you as you play:

BattleClick the 'Fight' button to initiate combat. Check the Card stats to see how much damage you can deal to your opponent, and how much they can do to you! Assessing your Health wisely is crucial. You can redraw or purchase Health Points to enhance your chance of success.
RedrawIf your Card is weak against your opponent, you can choose to redraw. You'll be presented with three random options from your deck to pick from — click the arrows to view your choices. Make sure to click Choose once you have settled on a Card. Clicking "Redraw" will re-shuffle your options and offer you new Cards to redraw! You can redraw repeatedly, but each time costs more Event Currency.

Note: If you have Ability Cards in your deck, one of the three options will be an Ability Card, with the other two being chosen by random.

Health BarLow on Health? Replenish with Health with Battle Coins. But beware, there's an upper Health limit dictated by the difficulty of the deck you choose! 
RewardsEach defeated enemy offers the potential of a reward, tap or hover over the chest icon to see the possible prizes. Each battle also advances you towards the grand prize.
Ability CardsThese bonus cards provide unique and powerful boosts. Some enemies in the dungeon will have a card icon below in place of the usual chest — defeating these enemies rewards you with the Ability Card Shop Window. One card is free, but you can buy up to two more using Event Currency. The enemy cannot attack when you use Ability Cards.

Still stuck? Please visit our Tips and Tricks article HERE.


The Event League offers an ideal platform to compare your advancement with fellow players in your realm. As you navigate further into the event, your ranking improves, opening up opportunities for superior bonus rewards at the event's conclusion. However, stay vigilant, as the progression of other players through the leagues raises the competition threshold!

In the History Event, you can boost your League performance in more ways than one. In addition to actively battling, you can improve your score by:

Using a brand-new special Grand League Ability Card that can provide you with more League points. Read more in the Cards section of our article on the Event mechanics.
Opting out for a higher difficulty. Not only it will bring you better rewards, but the difficulty level you choose will apply a multiplier to your League points: 2x for Easy, 3x for Medium, and a significant 5x for Hard.

The Rewards

The Grand Prize for this event is the beautiful Ascendent Grove Sanctuary, which when fully upgraded gives bonuses to attack and city defense, along with a special Guild Expedition attack bonus!

For a full list of available prizes in the event, check out our prizes page HERE‚Äč.

Should you have any comments, questions or concerns, please let us know! We're very much looking forward to your feedback on our official Discord server!
Are you ready to etch your name in the annals of history? The battle begins now – may the cleverest commander win!
Your Forge of Empires Team

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