Cultural Settlements

Cultural Settlements


I have all goods required for the next Advancement, but the game still asks me to pay Diamonds!

In addition to the goods, your Settlement also requires you to have a certain level of Diplomacy to unlock an advancement. Diplomacy is generated by Diplomacy-Buildings, such as the Runestone (Vikings) and Tōrō (Feudal Japan). If you do not have the diplomacy required, you can use Diamonds to ignore the requirement and unlock it right away. Otherwise, please build more Diplomacy buildings.

Vikings - Small Diplomacy Feudal Japan - Small Diplomacy
Ancient Egypt - Small Diplomacy Aztecs - Small Diplomacy
Mughal Empire - Small Diplomacy
Polynesia Diplomacy

Vikings - Large Diplomacy
Feudal Japan - Large Diplomacy Ancient Egypt - Large Diplomacy Aztecs - Large Diplomacy Mughal Empire - Large Diplomacy Polynesia Diplomacy Large

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