Can I share my computer with my family so that they can also play Forge of Empires?

Yes, of course! The more, the merrier! 

But please make sure, that every family is playing their own account (with their own e-mail / password). The sharing of an account (even on different worlds) and/or account data with third parties is not allowed.

It is also not allowed to create multiple accounts, therefore it is important to notify our support team, if you and your family are playing Forge of Empires together. 

If you're playing through the same internet connection, it could happen, that you can't donate Forge Points to any of the Great Buildings of your family members. This is a precautional measure, to ensure that no multiple accounts are created in order to push another account. But you can still donate Forge Points to the Great Buildings of other players and the blockade will be lifted automatically after some time, if you're not using the same internet connection for some time.

This blockade can't and will not be lifted by the Support Team.

Please also make sure, to read our rules, to avoid misunderstandings.

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