Экспедиция гильдий

Экспедиция гильдий


Что такое Чемпионат гильдий?

The Guild Championships take Expeditions to another level, and allow for cross world competition!

Every week your guild will be grouped together with up to 7 similarly-sized random guilds from different worlds of your language version*. During the 6-days long Expedition, you will be able to compete against them. Make sure that as many of your guild mates as possible complete the Expedition to get to the very top of the ladder!

After an expedition has started, you will be able to see an icon at the top of the screen, right next to the progress bar:

When you click it, you will see a screen with the Championships ladder, presenting your guild and the other guilds (3 to 6) that were chosen to to the same group this week:

The final spot that your guild will occupy depends on how far you and other guild members have gotten in the current Expedition. While completing the three difficulties will get you to 100%, the highest possible score is 166% and can be achieved when everyone completes the fifth difficulty. Guilds and members participating in the fourth difficulty will also be indicated with a flaming pyramid icon next to their name.

The progress is updated live, so you can keep an eye on the competition all the time!

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