5. Alliance

5. Alliance


Creating an Alliance

If you do not wish to join an existing Alliance, you can also create a new one. Before this becomes possible, you need upgrade your Palace to level 6. If you want to create an Alliance sooner, you can use some Diamonds to unlock this possibility immediately:

To create an Alliance, go to the "Allies" menu, and then use the "Create" icon at the bottom:

You will be asked to choose a name and a tag (the Alliance tag will be displayed in front of your nickname in many places) for your Alliance.You can enter anything that is short enough, but please make sure that the name or the tag must not be inappropriate. You can change those details later on any details later on.

After creating the Alliance, you can choose the "working language" that you will be using with your Allies. You can do it by tapping the icon on the right, below the Alliance name:

It is advised to either leave it as "International", or choose a language that you can speak, so that you can manage your Alliance more effectively.

You can also determine if you wish your Alliance to be open to everyone, or rather closed. If you choose to close it, you will need to approve applicants before they join:

Note: Managing an Alliance may be difficult and time-consuming. If you are not an experienced player, it may make sense to join an existing Alliance rather than create your own.