5. Alliance

5. Alliance


Leader's inactivity

What happens when the leader is inactive?

If the leader is inactive, the leadership status will get automatically transferred to the highest ranked player with most power, who is not inactive.

Inactivity is defined as follows for the case of the alliance leadership transfer:

  • 6 days of inactivity if the leader's Palace is below level 6.
  • 32 days of inactivity if it is on level 6 or higher.

No action is required from the alliance in order to make the transfer take place.


The leader whose Palace is on level 15 has been inactive for 32 days. The ownership is about to be transferred.
There are two players ranked as council and four ranked as elders. Other members are all soldiers.
The leadership will be transferred to the highest ranked player. There are however two players with the rank of council. Therefore, the game will select the one with higher power for the leadership transfer.