5. Alliance

5. Alliance


Alliance Territory

 Claiming land

An Alliance can claim land by constructing the Citadel building on the map. For this to happen, the alliance needs to research the corresponding technology first. This is done in "Allies" -> "Research" -> "Territory":

Once the research of the Citadel has been concluded, the leader or a council member can proceed to place the Citadel on the map by going to "Allies" -> "Territory". The surrounded land is then claimed and all alliance members can send Constructing Marches to help. The higher the tier of the troops in the marches, the more durability points can they generate.

Only one Guardian can support the construction. Coordinate with your allies and make sure to send the strongest Guardian you have. A high-level evolved Guardian can shorten the construction time considerably.

Placing Elite Resource Buildings

Once the Citadel stands tall, the alliance can choose the resource building to place on the map, within the territory. Much like the Citadel, those also need to be researched. There are the following three Elite Resource Buildings:

- Elite Farm Mill
- Elite Clay Pit
- Elite Gold Mine

The territory can only hold one Elite Resource Building at once so the alliance must decide which resource is needed the most. Once placed, it has to be constructed, just like the Citadel.

 Gathering from the Elite Resource Buildings

Once constructed, everyone in the alliance can send troops with Guardians to gather resources.

Note: Only alliance members can gather resources from the Alliance Buildings.

Once an Alliance Building has been completely depleted, it will close and start regenerating its resources. Once full, it opens again ready for you to gather.

Global and Territory Boost 

Cities of the allies located in the alliance territory get the Global and Territory Boosts from the Citadel and Elite Resource Buildings. Cities of the allies who are outside of the territory boundaries only get the Global Boost.