Technical Issues & compatibility

Technical Issues & compatibility


Why do I no longer receive push notifications on the mobile app?

There are certain scenarios under which app notifications can cease to work, most of which we unfortunately cannot influence directly. 

As the reasons for missing notifications can vary greatly between devices, operating systems and player behavior, please find some tipps and tricks below to re-enable your app notifications:

  • Check if push notifications are enabled in the app (Settings → Push notifications)
    The app can only display notifications if they are enabled in the settings. Please make sure to select all actions you would like to receive notifications for.

  • Check the notification settings of your phone. They are usually located in the App- or Notification Settings section of your device.
    If notifications are disabled on device side, Grepolis cannot receive any notifications, even if they are enabled within the app.

  • Choose your preferred game world and make sure to log in regularly to the account you would like to receive notifications for.
    Signals (heartbeats) from the game are required in regular intervals to confirm that notifications shall be sent. If you do not log in during a certain time, there is a chance the notifications will not go through. While notifications can be triggered for multiple worlds, they become less reliable the more worlds are played and the more time has passed since the last login to those worlds. We recommend choosing a main world to receive notifications for and logging in at least once every 24 hours to maintain reliable notifications.

  • Check power savings/performance options of your device and see if exceptions/adjustments can be made for apps running in the background.
    Most recent mobile operating systems provide extensive power savings and performance options. Unfortunately they tend close or limit apps and processes running in the background by default, in order to improve battery life or the device's performance. The Grepolis app requires a service running in the background to receive and display push notifications in a timely and reliable manner. Since the settings vary greatly between different device manufacturers, please refer to official documentation on how to set exceptions to ensure that all notifications will come through.

  • Make sure that your device is connected to Google Play or Game Center services. On Android devices, please make sure that Google Play services are up to date.
    You need to have an active connection to the services of your device's store provider in order to receive notifications.

  • If neither of the above works, please uninstall and reinstall the app and clear the app cache. Also make sure to update your device's operating system whenever there is an update available. 
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