7. Battling

7. Battling


I have troubles winning a battle

Check the following tips & tricks to try and win the battle you're facing!

View our video on YouTube for basics of the basics by using this link! :)

Check some more hints below:

  • Position your units properly!

    • Observe the position of the enemy and tailor your setup to theirs.
    • Place your ranged units behind your melee units, so that enemies cannot easily reach them.
    • Place your cavalry in such a way that they can try and reach the enemy ranged units - they will charge and leap over the first line of infantry, engaging whoever is positioned behind them. 
  • Make use of obstacles!

    • Put your archers behind palisades or terrain features to protect them from the enemy and allow them to deal damage for much longer than it would be possible otherwise.
    • Be mindful: obstacles are double-edged swords though, so think ahead and consider how your own units can make their way around them.
  • Use skills quickly!

    • Use your skills as soon as they become available!
    • Direct damage skills, like 'Boulder Smash', may just take out a few enemies and your remaining units will receive less damage. 
    • Healing takes a while to activate, so by the time you can use it, your units will have taken quite some damage, and you may save some of your soldiers!
  • Make use of different commanders!

    • Not all commanders are perfect for every battle.
    • Sometimes, it makes more sense to use unit-spawning commanders than Innana’s healing, because the spawned units can entertain enemy archers.
    • Spawned units also count for the purpose of determining the winner – if your spawned units are the last men standing – you won!
  • Change tactics that don't work!

    •  Don’t try the same thing more than two, three times!
    • If it just doesn’t work, you may want to change something – use a different army formation, try different commanders, or apply the skills at different regiments. 
    • With enough patience and creativity, you are bound to succeed!

If you need to see the above-listed battling hints in a more visual form, view the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQz8BbjnXhA

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