2. Basic Tips

2. Basic Tips


Season Pass

What is Season Pass?

Season Pass is a feature in Rise of Cultures, where you complete tasks in the span of roughly one month, and make your way through one or two lanes of rewards.

What kind of tasks are there?

To proceed through the season, you will need to complete tasks.
There are Daily Tasks, which are relatively easy to solve and your get 3 per day.
The second type are Challenger Tasks - you start with 2 of those, and each new day brings another one. They accumulate, and you have time to solve them until the end of the season. They are always battles or negotiations.
The third and final type are Seasonal Tasks. Every three days, you will receive new ones, and they also remain available until the Season's end. They can be a bit more demanding. too.

How do I progress?

For each completed task, you will be credited with progress towards the next checkpoint.
In the upper part of the screen, you can see how much you need to advance to the next one. There are 25 of them across the entire season.

What can I win?

In the Reward overview, you can view your rewards. You can get everything that is guaranteed by the Free Ticket.
However, to get even more for the same effort, you can purchase the Gold Ticket, which remains valid for the remainder of the season. If you get Gold Ticket later in the season, you will also receive all Gold Ticket rewards from already completed checkpoints.

Each season has a specific legacy theme. This means that it's possible to obtain Evolution Tokens, as well as selection kits and chests with customizations from old events.
There are also rewards that are exclusive to the Season Pass feature, such as the Great Garden Evolving Building providing workers, culture, and Research Points, or a new Collector Building; Commander Tower, producing Mercenary Commanders.
You can also look forward to several new customizations!

See our video on YouTube to learn more about the Season Pass!
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