Technical Issues

Technical Issues


I have problems with finishing a quest. / A quest is broken.

Please go through the following steps and hints:

  1. Check if you fulfilled all the requirements of the quest. To do this please access our Wiki pages and search for the quest. We are sorry if the particular quest you are looking for is currently not available in the wiki, we are working on it. Please get in touch with our customer support to learn more.
  2. For certain quests, you will need to go to the quest giver to accept/finish the quests.
  3. If you need to find a quest item, please make sure that you are wearing the necessary item(s) to be able to find them.
  4. Please be patient as some quest items have a very low drop chance. Rarely, it can happen that even after thousands of jobs you still will not get it. Don't give up!
  5. Please note that some quests may have a time limitation (e.g you can close/accept between certain hours, days, or you have only a couple of days for finishing it after accepting or finishing another quest). This information may not be mentioned in our wiki pages. If so, please let us know by contacting the customer support.
  6. Some quests are available only during events. A certain amount of questlines are only available during the specified event and can be closed only during this time.
  7. Repeatable quests can be accepted only after 181 days after accomplishing the normal questline. 
  8. Remember also the almost every quest require to have finished the tutorial quest lines and, in particular, "Save the saloon, part 2".
  9. Note: you have to finish the tutorial quests also to do the daily quests on the Saloon.

If this didn't help, feel free to contact the customer support and that will be happy to look into your issue!
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