Rules and Issues with other players

Rules and Issues with other players


I had a deal with a player, but he scammed me. What can I do?

Unfortunately, according to the game rules, trading with each other is at everyone’s own risk, and the Support Team cannot intervene in these contentious situations. We would like to ask you to do business only with someone you trust and you know they won't fool you because unfortunately, we can’t make these transactions back.

As in the Wild West, there may be cowboys in the game who try to trick the other players, unfortunately, this is part of the game. You as players can do the most against this by discussing your experiences with each other and not trusting players whose intentions are not clear. What we can advise is that next time do the trade with someone you trust, and maybe if the exchange takes place through the market, you could swap items if both of you are there.

Thank you for your understanding!

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