Getting Started

Getting Started


What happens if I join a World that has been online for a while already?

Should you join a world that has been going on for a while already it is recommended to change your strategy a bit. It is of course still important to get a good basic resource production so that it is possible to build up your village quickly. But you have to quickly start protecting your village. For that, it is best to build up your wall and hiding place and also to build a few units. Writing to your potential attackers can often help as well. It is always recommended to use the units you produced to plunder other villages. The plundered resources greatly help your growth.

Now we'll show you the biggest difference to the usual start:
Don't make the mistake of concentrating too much on creating your first nobleman. It might sound logical to try to get a second village as quickly as possible but it does not help you if you can't defend your villages. If you only concentrate on the nobleman you are an easy target, and also a well-liked target as bigger players would love to have a village that is already on the way to being ready to produce nobleman. By the time attacks start coming in, it's usually too late.

One method of preparing for this is to use a defensive strategy. This means creating lots of sword and spear fighters. If you create enough troops then you are a very expensive target and your attacker will usually try to find an easier target. Morale also helps you if you are attacked by bigger players. A very big player loses up to 70% of his attack strength due to morale.

The security phase can take some time, but it will usually pay off, as you can always use those defensive troops in the later game. Once you have a good amount of defensive troops - something like 1200 spears and 1200 swords - you can start thinking about a nobleman.
You will probably be able to tell how valuable that tactic was by looking at your neighbors' villages ...

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