Getting Started

Getting Started


What is a Nobleman?

A Nobleman can reduce the loyalty of an attacked village. If the village's loyalty drops to 0 or below 0, it is conquered and you take over the village. A Nobleman attacking alone usually dies on the base defense of a village, so you should always send troops with him. Each village starts with a loyalty of 100 and after conquered it starts from 25. The loyalty that a nobleman takes from a village is randomized.
To build a Nobleman, you need 40000 Wood, 50000 Clay, 50000 Iron and 100 free farm space. The Nobleman travels at a speed of 35 minutes per field and does not have any carrying capacity.

To create a Nobleman, you first have to build an Academy. How many Noblemen you can hire depends on the amount of gold coins you own. You can store these in your Academy. Gold coins are not used up or lost, even if you lose a Nobleman or a village. They are stored globally and do not have to be transferred to other villages.
The more villages you conquer, the more coins you need for a new Nobleman.

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