The Art of War

The Art of War


What is a Paladin?

If the paladin is activated in your world, you can recruit one paladin from your Statue. You can also rename your paladin if you want to, but let's call him Paul for now. If the paladin dies a new one can be recruited. The paladin is a good supplement to your looting troops at the beginning of the game. He reduces your losses and can also carry quite a few resources.

He can also assist your defense. He is most effective when a lot of your friends or tribe members send their troops and their paladins to one player. This way even very large armies can be defeated.

The paladin also plays an important role later in the game, since he increases the speed of your defensive troops. Every support troop that you send with your paladin marches as fast as he does. For example, sword fighters walk more than twice as fast as they would without him. As soon as you have built several statues, you can also let your paladin move between your villages.

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