The Art of War

The Art of War


What is Morale and what does it do?

Morale is a protection for new players. It gets calculated from the points of attacker and defender. A player usually attacks with 100% morale, but if you attack a player that is much smaller than you, you will get a penalty. When morale is 45% your troops will only attack at 45% of their usual attack strength. If a smaller player attacks a much bigger player, there is no bonus on the attack. The maximum morale is 100%.

Time can also play a factor in the morale calculation. By that, it uses the time since the player joined the world. If a small player has been playing a world for a long time but still has a small number of points, morale will continuously rise until it reaches 50%.

You can find a morale calculator in the simulator. Just add your target's points and your own points to get the morale. Not all worlds use morale, and morale settings can vary from world to world.

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