The Art of War

The Art of War


What is a First Church and a Church?

Note: Churches are only enabled in some worlds.

First Church:
You begin with a church in your first village. This church is a special kind of church. It influences a bigger area, but its size can't be extended.
If you lose the village with the first church, you can rebuild that special church in any other village. You are able to build this church in any village for a much lower price than other churches as long as you don't already have a church in the villages.

The First Church can not be destroyed with catapults.

The church is the religious gathering place for the surrounding villages. Without a church the troops of this village and the villages influenced by the church fight with only half their usual strength. Every one of your villages should be influenced by a church. Each village may only have one church. If your world has churches enabled, your first village begins with a First church.
In contrast to the first church, this church can be attacked with catapults. However, it is a lot more resistant to catapult attacks than other buildings at the same level.
As soon as you have multiple villages it is possible to build additional churches. It is a very expensive building that needs a lot of farm space so it is not wise to build a church in every village. The higher the building level, the bigger an area the church influences.

Church yellow.png Your villageChurch green.png Villages within 4 fieldsChurch red.png Villages within 6 fieldsChurch blue.png Villages within 8 fields

Church Belief Radius:

  1. Level 1: 4 fields in every direction
  2. Level 2: 6 fields in every direction
  3. Level 3: 8 fields in every direction
In the village overview, you can see if your village is influenced by a church and how many churches support this village. On the map, you have the option to show the influence area of the church. The blue circle shows its range.

  1. The church is destroyed when the village is taken over.
  2. A village only needs one church for its fighters to fight with full force. Additional churches do not raise the fighting power any further.
  3. Fighters only get strengthened by your own churches. Churches of allies or tribe members do not help your troops.
  4. If you are supporting another player, the troops are strengthened by the other player's churches.
  5. When attacking, the village from which the attack is launched is looked at. If this village is influenced by a church, the troops fight with full strength. It doesn't matter if the village under attack is influenced by a church or not.

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