Premium Points, Packages and Sales

Premium Points, Packages and Sales


Android - I ordered a product but did not receive it. What can I do?

We are sorry you experienced problems with your purchase. In rare cases, unfortunately, it may happen that you do not receive what you bought when making a purchase with a mobile device. This can for example be due to a lost or unstable internet connection of your mobile device during the payment process. But don’t worry, we will help you to get what you bought.

If you have purchased Premium Points, a Bundle or any other in-app purchase in Tribal Wars via Google Play but didn't receive anything, there are some steps you can take yourself:
  1. Simply open the in-app Shop again; in many cases, this will already deliver the product to your account
  2. If this doesn't solve your issue, close the app and start it again. To do so, force stops Tribal Wars via your Device Settings > Application Manager.

If closing the Tribal Wars app does not help, please contact our Customer Support Team. You can do that by going to your in-game settings and tapping on the Support button there. Or simply click the button below this article.

In order to investigate the status of your purchase, we will need the order number (starting with GPA.**), which you can find on the receipt you will have received via email from Google. Please copy the GPA number in text or via screenshot and enclose it in your ticket. If needed, you can learn more about your purchase history via Google's services, more precisely via this link.

Note: Without the order number, it's not possible to track or return any items.

Every transaction made through our Android app is processed via Google Play. Therefore, you will need to contact Google directly if you keep on having issues, such as declined payments or an invalid account, when trying to make an in-app purchase.

For more information on how to contact Google, please tap here.