What are my Regiments?

Your army is formed by many regiments living in the world of Aternum. They are divided into 5 classes.

The regiment classes are:

  • Guardian
  • Pike
  • Mounted (Cavalry)
  • Archer
  • Mage

Each regiment has a certain number of soldiers. The number will increase when volunteer upgrades are applied, or specific upgrade sets are completed and claimed.

The number of soldiers will temporarily decrease when they fall in battle. In this case the current soldier count of corresponding regiment is marked red. Please note that as long as you have at least one soldier available, you can deploy corresponding regiment to the battlefield. Soldiers are healed over time and your regiment will be ready to battle with its maximum potential soon again!

Each regiment is represented by a regiment commander who is leading them on the battlefield. These leaders are also representing their regiment in the regiment's icon, shards and profile cards.

You can unlock new regiments after having discovered new areas on the map, or after having collected enough Shards.

Note: New regiments are untrained and have only a handful recruits available. Be sure to use them in battle as often as possible to make them gain XP! You can also send them on Expeditions via the Sky Arch portal for guaranteed XP without the risk of injury.

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