What is the Star Level of a Regiment?

The Star Level is one of the two strength indicators of a regiment. It goes from 0 to 5 and is increased by promoting a regiment. To promote a regiment you need a certain number of regiment Shards.

How to obtain Shards

There are many ways to obtain Shards for a regiment.

  • Liberating a Shire for the first time
  • Capturing a Loot Wagon
  • Buying them from a Merchant
  • Calling a Smuggler or Imperial Ship from Dewport
  • Winning a Boss Battle
  • Battle Ready Bundles
  • Daily Reward
  • Completing a Sky Arch expedition

Benefits from reaching a new Star Level

Every new Star Level grants your regiment more offense and defense points, and increases its army power.

Other than that, reaching Star Level 1 will unlock a regiment's active ability, and Star Level 2 will unlock its passive ability.

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