Join us

Join us

Welcome to Elvenar!

We are very happy to see that you are interested in joining our fantastic team of players dedicated to helping our community navigate through the magic of Elvenar.

What is it all about?

Our team comes from all over the world, embracing diversity through different cultures as well as age groups, all coming together because of a passion for the game. 
The main aim for us is to help our fellow players, through support tickets and our fabulous Forum but we also support each other too.

What do we offer?

A possible route to joining the gaming industry as your first step
A volunteer role that allows seeing the game from the ''other side'' of gameplay
The possibility to gain experience and develop your personal skills
Fun, as we see the bigger picture to the game and the excitement this can bring
Opportunities to  bring forward your personal feedback in a very direct way
Friendly colleagues in the team all bound by the one passion that is Elvenar!

What are we looking for in a new team member? 

A passion for Elvenar!
A calm and friendly demeanour when handling all player questions and requests
Willingness to actively gather and forward feedback whilst replying to players with the game information they require 
A troubleshooting mindset, that allows you to investigate, solve issues and provide resolution

Forum and Discord Moderation

As a forum moderator you're responsible for the forum sections assigned to your care. Together with the rest of the forum moderation team, you are responsible for guiding the discussions and answering fellow players' questions and concerns and forwarding the feedback coming from the community to the rest of the team.
To be able to do this you will need to enjoy participating in discussions and being part of the Elvenar community. With the tools and guidelines available to you, you will be moderating forum discussions in a constructive way, contributing to the success of the Elvenar forums.

Game Moderation

As a game moderator you and your fellow supporters take care of any inquiries sent via ticket by players.
You will need extensive knowledge about the game to be able to solve as many issues as possible.
Of course we provide you with the guides and tools you need, and the rest of the game moderation team is always available for questions.
As a team we support each other and all we expect from you is to ask if you are ever unsure.
You will need to be calm, friendly and patient in your communications with fellow players, get enjoyment solving problems and helping people with their support requests.
Your responsibilities include answering questions, but also investigating reports of potential rule violations and taking appropriate action in all cases using our set guidelines.


In order to provide the level of service we want, we have a few requirements for new team members.
You enjoy operating as part of a team
You are at least 18 years of age
You have excellent written English (though it is not necessary to be a native English speaker)
You have enough spare time to be active in your chosen role (you will need to be available at least 1-2 hours per day to perform your tasks)
You are able to always remain calm and friendly, even in hard situations
You have excellent game knowledge, having played Elvenar to at least the Guest Races (Chapter six and beyond)
You haven't committed any (major) rule violations

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Until then

Your Elvenar Team