Scroll Events - How do they work?

Scroll Events are so called due to the Map that scrolls from the left of the screen to the right as the Event Figure moves towards the Grand Prize. In Elvenar there are two notable Scroll Events: Sorcerers & Aquatic.

The Sorcerers Event follows Zaphiel (a Sorcerer Apprentice) and his Pilgrimage across Elvenar.

In this Event, the aim is to move your Sorcerer across the Map, allowing him to reach the Beacons of Power that lead to the Grand Prizes.

The Aquatic Event is set deep in the Oceans of Elvenar where the Elvarian Games are traditionally held.

Rufus, a big fan of these games, and Queen Mauriel accompany us on our Journey across the Map. In this Event, the aim is to move the Seahorse through the Hoops until they reach the Grand Prizes.
In this type of Event you will choose between 3 different objects on your voyage across the Map, these are held within either Beacons of Power or Hoops. Each one contains a different reward BUT they also give back a second type of Event Currency that goes towards your progress on the Grand Prizes Lane, as well as contributing to the Leagues (should they be available in that particular event).
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