Merge Event: How do they work?

The Merge event is so called because it requires merging two objects of the same type. In this event, the main goal is to merge objects of the same group to get higher level items.
In Elvenar there are two notable Merge Events: Dwarven Event (A Gateway into the Past) and a Kitchen Event (Mama Juuls Fusion Feast)

In the Dwarven Event you have to merge 3 different objects: Figurines, Tools and Dices in order to fulfil the Dwarven Trader orders.

In the Kitchen Event you have to merge 3 different foods: Hot Chocolates, Lime Desserts and Delicious Roasts so that Mama Juul can serve all Customers orders.

In this type of Event you will choose between 3 different orders, but you can decide to skip an order by pressing the small red bin icon on the top right corner of the order, should you wish to discard it. But beware! You will need to wait 30 minutes to receive a new Order or use Diamonds if you wish to hasten the clock.
There are 3 simple rules to follow in this Event:
  • First Rule: You can only merge together two dishes of the same type and the same level (so, you cannot merge a Roast level 1 and a Chocolate level 1 or a Figurine level 2 with a Dice level 5, but you can merge two Lime level 2, or 2 Tools level 3).
  • Second rule: The merging is irreversible. If you don't need the merged an object, you can either discard it or keep it until you need it.
  • Third rule: By merging two objects, you will always get a higher level. You can never obtain a lower level
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