Theatre Events - How do they work?

Theater Events are so called due to the Rotating "Chests" that are in the Main Event Window. In Elvenar there are two notable Theater Events: the Easter event & the Autumn Zodiac.

The Easter Event tells the story of the Acolytes of White Flame and the Phoenix Cult, and the magnificent Phoenixes that bless Elvenar every year with their special powers.

In this Event, the aim is to move a Phoenix Chick along the Event Window toward the Main Prize by collecting Phoenix Feathers. Phoenix Feathers are collected with every Event Chest you open.

The Autumn Zodiac Event comes once a year when the stars are aligned in the sky, and spherical conjugation has begun!

This Event is Astronomy themed, and we'll see beautiful Zodiac Signs appear in the Sky, illuminated by the rotating galactic spheres.

In this type of Event, you will choose between 3 different objects (Chests or Galactic Spheres, depending on the event). Each contains a different reward, BUT they also give back a second Event Currency that goes towards your progress on the Grand Prizes Lane, and in Leagues (should they be active in that particular event).
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