Why didn't I receive the Event Newsletter?

If you didn't receive the Event Newsletter, it can be for various reasons. Whatever reason may be the cause for the missing newsletter, re-sending it is not possible. We will also not be able to grant the Event currency or other gifts manually, but if the mail was sent out to you, you may still be able to claim the reward once you recovered the mail. Please see below what some possible reasons are, and what you can do in each case.

Your e-mail address is not validated
If you didn't validate your e-mail address in our system, you will not be on the list to receive the newsletter. You can validate your e-mail address in the settings menu in-game.

You did not allow us to send newsletters
In the game's settings, via the Data Usage Options window that you can find in the Options, you can opt-in or opt-out to receiving our newsletters. Please make sure that your settings allow us to send you newsletters if you wish to receive them.
Once you are done, don't forget to confirm your settings by clicking "Save preferences".

You recently have changed your e-mail address
If you have changed your e-mail address recently, it's possible that the newsletter was sent to the old e-mail address. Therefore, please also check the inbox of the old e-mail account.

You have unsubscribed from the newsletter
If you have unsubscribed from newsletters from us in general, meaning any newsletter sent by InnoGames for any of our games via the unsubscribe link in the email itself, you will not get any further newsletters, since you requested not to receive correspondence from us. In this case, resubscribing is possible by setting your e-mail preferences via the Data Usage Options in the game settings.

The e-mail got sent to your spam folder
It is possible that the newsletter was marked as spam by your email provider and was therefore moved from the inbox to the spam folder. Please check it. In some rare cases the newsletter may have been blocked and as a result failed to be delivered at all.

Your inbox is overflowing and can't receive any more e-mails
Most e-mail providers offer a limited space for your inbox. If you have reached the limit, you may not be able to receive any more e-mails. Please check if you have enough empty space left in your inbox.

You e-mail account was set to inactive
If you didn't log in on a regular basis to your e-mail account, it may have been set to inactive or may have been deactivated by your e-mail provider. In this case it will not be possible to receive the newsletter.

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