Guild vs. Guild

Guild vs. Guild


What is Guild vs. Guild (GvG)?

Join the war!

Your guild is fighting against others for survival and power. Your goal is to expand your guild's territory and hold on to it, to level up your guild and gain bonuses and glory for all its members.
Each day in GvG your guild must conquer new sectors and defend the sectors it already has under its control. At the end of every day (when the countdown timer ends), guilds' experience is calculated according to the territory they own, and this experience contributes to the guild's level. Level up your guild to gain better rewards!
To get involved in the action, you need to be part of a guild. No matter your guild's size, if you are in Iron age or above, you can still participate. GvG battle gives battle points, too, so you don't need to make a choice between towers or GvG.

GvG is only available in the desktop version of the game.

To access GvG, click the bottom right menu icon:

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