Guild vs. Guild

Guild vs. Guild


Do Guild Levels have any effect on GvG?

Leveling up your guild will improve its ranking and give bonuses to all its members. Some bonuses will help your guild in the GvG maps, and there are also player bonuses to be gained. You can view information about your guild’s level, and requirements for all levels, in the guild level window, which is accessible from your guild menu icon.
To see rewards and requirements, you can scroll through the levels using the arrows at the bottom of the guild level window.

How to level up your guild
In order to level up your guild you need to gather power. You gain power by acquiring and holding onto territory. Every sector you control gives power and, at the end of each day, your guild's power points are calculated and added to your guild's total, which contribute towards leveling up your guild.
  • Guild bonuses - As you increase your guild's level, the following bonuses for your guild will also increase:
  • Prestige bonus - Adds prestige to the guild’s daily prestige ranking
  • Support pool bonus - Adds to the guild’s support pool (attack/defense bonus in GvG)
  • Player bonuses - Some levels will also provide a player bonus.
  • Recruitment boost - Reduces the time needed to recruit units (new times are shown in the recruitment screen), and healing times for units.
  • Research boost - Gives additional Forge Points each day in your town hall.
  • Construction rebate - Reduces coin and supply cost of all buildings by a percentage (the original cost is shown in the research tree, and the reduced cost is displayed in the building menu).

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