Guild vs. Guild

Guild vs. Guild


What is the Guild Continent Map?

All action takes place via the GvG continent map, which is a special map designed for inter-guild battles and warfare. The map is split up into provinces, which you can see are separated by rivers and mountain borders. All but one of the provinces represent an era - the bottom-most one is a special “All Ages” province.
The GvG continent map allows you to see a quick overview of your guild's influence in different provinces and also serves as the entry point into those provinces, where your guild will do battle. In the image below, you can see your own guild's area of influence highlighted in green, with enemy territory shown in red. Orange areas indicate territory which is owned by NPCs, in which player guilds have yet to expand.
Your guild can fight in a single province, or all of them... the choice is yours! However, when fighting in one of the era-specific provinces, you can only do battle using units and goods from the same age as the province you are fighting in... so, for example, in the Iron Age map, you can only use units and goods from the Iron Age.

All-Ages province
At the bottom of the map there is a smaller, special “All Ages” province. In this province you can use units from any era in your battles. You cannot use goods on this map - the siege costs, as well as the costs for placing defending armies, can only be paid with medals.

The battles are fought in the province map. With the help from your guild mates you lay seige to a sector, and then attack it.

The province map consists of sectors, which are represented by hexes. It is your guild's job to conquer these sectors - and defend them from invasion - in order to expand your territory. There are two stages to conquering a sector: first you lay seige and then you must attack!

Sectors are coloured according to who owns them:
  • Red - Enemy guild
  • Green - Your guild.
  • White - Neutral (NPCs).

Landing zone
When you open the Guild province map for an era, you will notice that some of the map is dark, which indicates unexplored, unclaimed territory. The active area is where you can land your first army and establish your guild's headquarter.

Which sector to attack?
When you initially enter a province map, you are able to place a siege army in any of the sectors in the landing zone (white area), or on a river sector next to or in another guild's area. The rest of the hexes still belong to the NPCs but can only be attacked if you control an adjacent hex.

Sector status

You can see in the map above if a sector is under siege, as it has an icon with crossed swords above it. A shield icon above a sector means that the sector is protected, as it was recently conquered and cannot currently be attacked. Protected sectors also do not count for attacking and placing siege armies. This means that if you only have one, protected sector next to an enemy sector you want to attack, you will need to wait until the protection is lifted from your sector before you are able to deploy your siege army there.

Event log
The event log records actions made by your own guild members and enemy guilds. You can access it from the province map by clicking the event log button in the menu at the bottom left of the screen.

Three different tabs are available in the log:
  • Important events
  • Your guild actions
  • Enemy guild actions
Clicking on a tab in the event log will show a list of recent events and where the event took place. Clicking the log entry will center the map on that area.

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