Guild vs. Guild

Guild vs. Guild


How do Sectors work?

You can view information about a sector by hovering your mouse over it in the province map. When you control a sector, you gain "power" which you can see in the sector's information. Different sectors provide more or less power and, as you gain power, this converts to experience points for your guild, which are used to increase your guild level.

The white color of the hex in the image indicates that the sector is controlled by a NPC. You can also see the guild's co-ordinates (handy for communicating strategies with your guild members!), power, and if the sector is under siege, information about the besieger is also displayed.

Sector options
When you click on a sector, the options displayed depend on whether the sector belongs to your guild, if an enemy guild controls it, or an NPC (in which case no options are shown). Pictured is an example of sector options for one of your own guild's sectors.

Clicking the Profile option will take you to your guild's profile, and Guild in Ranking will bring up the Guild Ranking screen.

Relocate HQ
Every day, your support pool bonus is applied first to your HQ, which gets the strongest bonus, and then to adjacent sectors, spiraling outwards. This makes your HQ a strategic center which your guild may wish to relocate on occasion. Clicking the Relocate HQ button will move your HQ to the chosen location, but this can only be done once per day. Note that the support pool bonuses for sectors will not change until the next daily calculation.

Grant freedom
If a sector is no longer strategically useful for your guild, you can choose to grant it freedom. This will result in the sector becoming controlled by an NPC, and a goods payout will be made to your guild treasury, which is based on the territory owned by your guild, and the number of siege armies it has placed. Remember that each "trusted" player can only grant freedom to four sectors per day.

Conquering a sector
Enter an enemy sector by clicking its hex and selecting the "view sector" option (skipping the "view sector" option when entering an NPC-controlled sector), and this will take you to the army management screen. At the top right of the screen is a space where you can deploy armies to the sector. There are two possible options for deploying armies: siege army (if you don't own the sector), and defense armies (if you do). As we are trying to conquer the sector, in this case you would want to deploy a siege army.

Deploying a siege army
Before you can begin attacking, you first need to stake a claim to the sector you want to conquer. Deploying your guild's first siege army costs goods, and the amount required which is shown when you hover over the deployment button.

Attacking a sector
Once you have laid claim to the sector you want, and deployed your siege army, the attacks can begin to conquer it! One single attack is unlikely to be enough and it may take many successive attacks to gain control of a sector. You need to use your own army to attack... you cannot attack with the siege army. Click the red defensive icon in the army management screen to view your enemy's defensive armies.

It's possible to have up to 8 armies defending a sector, and you need to defeat them all to gain control of the sector. In this case there are two defending armies. Each time you attack, your army will fight against a random defending army (you cannot choose which army to attack). Below the army's icon, you can see the army's health bar. The armies in the picture have 8 and 9 health respectively, which means they need to be defeated 17 times total in battle to be utterly destroyed and removed from your opponent's defending armies. Beware - you need to defeat each army multiple times for it to be completely destroyed. When you have killed all of your opponent's defending armies, your siege army moves in and becomes the sector's first defending army.

HINT: After you have beaten a defending army for the first time, the units in the army become visible when you hover your mouse over the army's icon in the army management screen. Once the army has received damage, the units in that army are visible to everyone. Another guild has laid siege to the sector I want / I own
You may find that another rival guild has laid claim to a sector you want or that belongs to your guild, and placed a siege army there. All is not lost! You can attack and destroy your enemies' siege armies in much the same manner as you destroy defending armies.
After you win a sector

After you have gained control of a sector, it is protected from attack for a period of time, until the end of the "day", which is indicated by a countdown timer at the top left of the province map. When the countdown reaches zero, the day ends and scores are calculated for the previous day. The protection is also lifted. It's in your interests to hold on to a sector until the timer runs out!

Defending a sector
Every day when the countdown runs out, scores are calculated for the previous day. You need to be holding on to a sector when the timer runs out for it to count! So, it's in your interests to hold on to a sector for as long as you can, or at least until the timer reaches zero.

When you conquer a sector you start with only one defending army (which was formerly your siege army). You can place up to seven additional armies in the empty slots, making a total of eight. But you need to pay goods to unlock each army slot, and the cost increases with every slot you unlock.
As with siege armies, units deployed to defensive armies belong to your guild and cannot be retrieved. As the cost of goods rises, a single person may no longer be able to afford to unlock slots, and so goods contributing to unlock slots go into a guild treasury, which holds goods until they are ready for use.

Under siege
When one of your sectors is under siege by an enemy, the sector will not produce power. Most actions are also blocked (placing a defending army, relocate HQ or grant freedom). So, it's in your guild's interest to kill off any armies that are besieging your sectors.

Support pool
Every guild has a "support pool", which gives bonuses in GvG warfare. A guild's support pool is calculated from the guild's level and certain buildings that its members have. It gives a percentage bonus to the attack and defense of all units of that guild in this sector.
The support pool is distributed among sectors controlled by a guild, with the guild HQ taking precedence, before adjacent sectors receive a bonus, and then sectors further away after that. You can see a support bonus by hovering your mouse over an army. Defending armies and siege armies can have a support bonus if they are in range. A guild's support pool is recalculated every day, when the countdown ends.

HINT: Your guild HQ has the highest support bonus, reducing the further away you get from your HQ.

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