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What are the PvP Tower Tournaments and how do they work?

Tournaments are a way for you to test your military might against your neighbors and one of the ways to obtain Medals in the game. They take place every week and typically run from Monday morning to Sunday evening. There are some things to keep in mind if you would like to participate in the tournaments.

The following actions in the game contribute to your rank in the tournament:
  • Defeating your neighbors
  • Winning fights in Guild vs Guild
  • Conquering a sector on the Campaign Map
  • Winning a fight in the Guild Expeditions
  • Winning a fight in Guild Battlegrounds
  • Winning a fight in the PvP Arena

Each era has its tournament. You must first conquer the province that contains the tower of the era you want to participate. You can find all provinces in your Campaign Map. On the top of the Event History, you are able to see what towers have been conquered by you and how long the tournament will run. A greyed out tower indicates that you have not yet conquered it.

  • You will need to fight while the Tournament is running to get your fights accounted. Note that Sunday evening tournaments are closed.
  • You must have military units of the age of the tower in which you want to engage.
  • After a fight, the tournament where it will be accounted will be the one according to the age of the highest unit you have used. Example: If you used 7 units of the Iron age and 1 unit of the Early Middle Ages, the fight will go to the tournament of the Early Middle Ages tower.

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