Castle System

Castle System


Castle System - How can I level up my Castle?

In the first section you will see a progress bar and a number at the end of the bar. The number at the end indicates which Castle Level you're currently at. To the right of the Castle Level there is a chest that you can collect once every day. The chest will reward you with extra castle points, and the amount awarded will increase with each collection. If you miss a day, your streak pauses. After seven days of collecting, you will get a higher bonus reward streak, then it will reset and start over.

You can gain Castle Points by actively playing the game each day - up to a certain limit. Successfully finish battles and negotiations, advance in the Guild Expedition, buy and win items in the Antiques Dealer or successfully finish the daily challenges. Besides that, you can also get Castle Points for in-game purchases.

Additionally, as a way to reward your activity, there's a streak mechanic in place for collecting your points. The chest always expires at midnight, and as soon as you collect it for the first time, you will start a cycle. With each additional collection of the chest, the amount of points will raise, but there's a maximum amount of points you can get in your streak. Finally, when you hit this maximum streak collection, the cycle will restart.

Upon opening a chest in your Castle System window, you will get information about how many points you've collected, what's your current collection streak and the next expected collection points amount. Please, keep in mind that your streak can be interrupted in case you forget to collect in one day, meaning that these points will be paused.

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