Cultural Settlements

Cultural Settlements


Aztecs: How do I get to play the minigame?

A new feature is available in the Aztecs Settlement: the minigame!

As we want you to discover a bit of the Aztecs’ vibe at the beginning, you will need to complete the 6 first quests of the Settlement. After finishing these 6 quests, you will be able to access the Courtyard Market and play the minigame.
Once you enter the Courtyard Market, you have the choice between three available minigames. Each minigame indicate how many goods you can possibly receive after playing it (please keep in mind that if you do not play or dismiss any of these games, they will be the same in the next day).
Now that you have chosen which Goods you want to get, it's time to play! Click on a tile to uncover it. It can either be a free space, a reward or a number.

Here is how this works:
Each number indicates how many rewards are placed within their adjacent tiles. Keep in mind that it can directly be connected to the side as well as just the corner. Let’s take the example down below! The reward indicated by this number can be hidden in one of these two spots (shown by the arrows), because they are either connected by the side, or by the corner.

Once you run out of turns, the game is over. Then you can collect the rewards you found, double the amount of goods by paying a few diamonds (through boost outcome), or you can simply buy more turns with diamonds to keep playing (unless you've already found every single reward). Last but not least, please keep in mind that the first 3 games you play will have an additional view. At the end of the first 3 mini-games, after you collect the reward, the minigame will reveal all its tiles, thus you can have a better understanding of this new feature.
Now have fun playing the minigame! :)
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