Fantastic Security and how to keep it!

Keeping your account secure is very important but very easy to do as long as you remember some key tips.

Your account password is stored on our servers in an irreversibly encrypted fashion. This means there is no way for either Tribal Wars staff, or other players to gain access to your password through our system.

However, players could still gain access to your account because of the following:

  • You have selected a password that can be easily guessed
  • You have been logging into your account from a public computer and you have saved the password on this computer. It is also possible that someone watched you enter the password
  • You have become a victim of fraud (sometimes referred to as phishing)

Here are a few tips on how to protect yourself against those things.

  • Choose your password carefully. It should not contain your first or last name, or anything easy to guess. A password such as 1234 or password is extremely insecure. You should choose something including numbers, capital letters, and special characters.
  • When you log in on a public computer, make sure you don't select the keep logged in option. Always select no when you're asked if you want to save your password, and make sure that no one is watching you type it in.
  • No one from the Tribal Wars team will ever ask you for your password. If you're ever asked to enter your password, it will only be when logging in to the game, so check the address bar to make sure you're at the real version of Tribal Wars.
  • You should never use the same password for multiple sites. It is especially important not to use the same password as you use on your E-Mail address on any other site. If you lose control over your E-Mail, you will lose a lot more. If you ever lose your account password, you can recover it with your E-Mail. We will not be able to help you if you lose your E-Mail account.

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