Flags: What Flags are there?

Flag 1 3.png
Raw Material Production
Fly the flag of raw material production and watch your workers outgrow themselves in the production of new building materials.
Flag 2 3.png Recruitment speed
Training new troops can be increased by flagging the speed of recruitment - a reminder that efficiency is not just expected of everyone, it is absolutely necessary.
Flag 3 3.png
Attack Power
Inspired by the flag of attack power that blows in the wind over their home village, soldiers will fight to the last man for what their ruler demands.
Flag 4 3.png Defense Strength
Gather your troops under the flag of defense to encourage them to give everything for their home village.
Flag 5 3.png Luck
Luck flags allow the attacker to predict the outcome of a battle more accurately by reducing the luck factor. These mysterious flags reduce the luck of war in the direction of 0, depending on the strength of the flag. A battle with -20% or + 20% luck in war would be reduced by a lucky flag with 6% to -14% or 14%. Since luck is always calculated from the attacker's point of view, the luck flag only works if the attacker has set it. It has no effect on the defense attorney.
Flag 6 3.png Population
Use this flag to encourage your residents to move closer together to make room for more residents.
Flag 7 3.png Lower Coin and Storage costs
By setting this flag, you are forcing your noble families to reduce the price of coinage/storage.
Flag 8 3.png Loot capacity
Inspire your troops with this flag to new strength and stamina in order to return with more loot from successful forays.

Colors and Bonuses
The color of a flag represents the efficiency of a flag, while an icon represents the category.
Improve flags to increase the efficiency thereof by combining 3 flags of the same type and level, up to a maximum of 9 levels.

For a level 9 flag, you will need 6561 grey flags.
This option is not available to account sitters, to prevent misuse.

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