Flags: How to use Flags?

The flag overview is reached by clicking the flag symbol at the top right or by clicking on the flag in the village overview:
You can also click on the flag on the village overview:

Be careful: Once a flag has been selected, it flag cannot be removed or used in another village for 24 hours. Choose wisely!
If you have at least three flags of the same level and type, you can click on the small red arrow in the bottom left corner to upgrade it to the next level.

This option is not available to account sitters. You can see which flag is active in a village in the research overview. Here you can deactivate the current flag and assign new flags. If you are looking for a flag with a certain bonus, you can trade flags of the same level exclusively with your tribe members.

You can view which flags are active in your villages by going to the Research Overview. You may also (re-)allocate flags here.

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